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So will I

On Saturday July 10, 2021, we had a medevac request from Piniat Village, in the Obura Wonenara District of Eastern Highlands.

A 22 year old mother was suffering from delayed second stage labour and suspected Transverse lie.

Our team configured the aircraft and took off within 20 mins from the call-out.

This video shows you a glimpse of what we experience when we conduct medevacs - our hearts are filled in ways no words can express.

In flight, the pilot connected this song (So will I - Hillsong UNITED) to the Bluetooth audio panel so that the crew could listen, whilst on their way to Piniat Village.

It was a beautiful moment that reminded us of God’s grace - how he calls on us as individuals to serve him. Every little act of kindness is God using you to make someone’s day a little brighter and a little better, whether it be someone you know or a stranger.

How beautiful is it that he uses us in this way? Sometimes we realize it and sometimes we don’t - But it still gets his work done.

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