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Our Business


Manolos Aviation

Manolos Aviation was incorporated in 2008. A 100% nationally owned company, it is also the parent company to Niugini Heliworks. From our humble beginnings in Rabaul, East New Britain Province, we have fast evolved into a key service provider of multiple facets of aerial and sea operations within Papua New Guinea.

Islands Salvage & Towage

Island Salvage & Towage is a sister company to Manolos Aviation. We operate tug boats & Barges. Since 1989, we provided Salvage & Towage Services for Papua New Guinea and the Pacific including New Zealand, Australia, Asia, Europe and the East Coast of the American Continent. Our ships have been prepared to facilitate as mobile operating bases helicopters together with accommodation sufficient for the ship’s crew, helicopter crew and nine (9) additional facilities.

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