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Furry Love Auction Medical Equipment Fundraiser

Updated: Dec 1, 2021

For dog lovers who want to support a medical equipment fundraiser, well this is just for you.

Our Bullmastiff and Fila dog breed puppies are up for auction! These cuddly friends won't be too small in a months time, so we are putting them up for auction.

Starting bid is K6, 000.

All proceeds from this auction will go towards the purchase of medical equipment for the MAMA medical evacuation program.

Below are the puppies for auction:

Puppy 1 - Rabaul

Puppy 2 - Rabaul

Puppy 3 - Lae

Puppy 4 - Rabaul

Puppy 5 - Rabaul

Puppy 6 - Lae

Puppy 7 - Lae

Puppy 8 - Lae

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