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Blood Transfusion important in Medevacs

REMOTE health facilities in the rural areas of Morobe Province need reliable air services to transfer emergency referral cases and critically ill patients, a health worker says.

Menyamya Health Centre’s community health worker, Wesley Atama, said this, while thanking Manolos Aviation Limited for a quick medical evacuation (medevac) of a young mother on Saturday (March 26).

“Nineteen-year-old Melisha Geth delivered her baby boy on Friday at around 1:30pm. The delivery of her 3.5kg male infant was ok, but she was bleeding,” Atama said.

“On Saturday morning she was so pale because of the continuous bleeding, and on few occasions, she was unresponsive and semi-conscious. I gave her oxytocin and IV fluid. I’ve done everything I can do to assist the mother given my limited resources, and there is nothing further I can do,” he said.

“The mother’s blood pressure dropped rapidly below normal, and I had to call my bosses in Lae, and send patient details to the Manolos team for help immediately.

Manolos flying nurse, Naomi Pamaraka, said as soon as they received information for the medevac, she called Atama for more patient updates.

“The vital signs of the patient indicated that the patient was in dire need of blood,” Pamaraka said.

“We quickly contacted Angau Hospital Blood Unit Manager for an emergency Blood type “O” for the mother. She gave the ok, and as soon as we got the bag, we left for Menyamya Health Centre,” Pamaraka said.

“Upon arrival, patient was irritable, restless and weak to respond. Her blood pressure was not able to be read and oxygen rate was down to 87 percent.”

“We put her on oxygen, and blood transfusion was administered at the Menyamya Airstrip in the ambulance. When observations were stable, the mother was prepared for medevac to Lae.”

Atama said if there was any delay, he could have lost the mother, and he was also surprised that the Manolos team brought in a blood bag for the mother.

“Apart from flying antivenoms to the health centre to administer to my patients who were bitten by poisonous snakes, they also flew in emergency blood “O” and I was so relieved,” Atama said.

He said a lot of women go for antenatal checks at Menyamya Health Centre every month, but only 5 to 6 mothers deliver at the health facility, while the rest deliver at the village.

He said on average, about two mothers who deliver at the health facility, need blood transfusion after child birth.

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