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It all began on our first ever medevac flight in 2009, when a pregnant woman from lablab, a remote village in Morobe Province, died from lack of quick critical care. For our founder & CEO, one preventable death was one too many, and it was the birth of what would turn into a lifelong passion for saving lives in Manolos Aviation. 

What started off with just a helicopter, a pilot and stretcher in 2009 has now, 12 years later, turned into a team of passionate and dedicated specialized critical care flight nurses,  trained medevac pilots and operations team. 

We continue to be motivated by our passion for saving lives & continue to lift the Helicopter Emergency Medical Evacuation standard in Papua New Guinea. 

The Manolos Pride


Manolos Aviation Ltd runs an extensive helicopter medical evacuation service in Papua New Guinea. We have flown to over 3000 rural & remote locations than any other helicopter service provider. 

We maintain a fully staffed MedEvac Department with Nurses, HEOs & Pilots. Manolos Aviation Ltd is proud to be the only Aviation Operator in Papua New Guinea to employ a full-time medevac team and equipment on standby 24/7 for any MedEvac call out and is amongst the most experienced in the country. Manolos Aviation has carried out over 1000 MedEvac flights throughout Papua New Guinea and abroad. 

Our MedEvac Operation is on standby in Lae, Kokopo, Buka & Alotau 7 days a week, with the ability to deploy a team within 20 minutes of a call-out and reach the furthest patients within 2 hrs. 

Our MedEvac helicopters are fitted with emergency equipment suitable to stabilize & monitor patients in-flight. The helicopters can be configured to carry up to 2 stretcher patients or up to 7 sit-up patients at any one time. 

An important element of the MedEvac Service is a program dedicated to woman and infants who experience complications as a result of child-birth. This program is called MAMA - Established as a joint partnership program with Provincial Governments and Manolos Aviation Ltd, the MAMA MedEvac has since become the largest rural and remote medical support for women and infants in Papua New Guinea.


Manolos Aviation Ltd takes pride in delivering this life saving service and extends its gratitude to all its partners & donors who, without their support, this MAMA Program could not be possible. 
You can follow us on our Facebook and Instagram page to get more updates on our medevacs.
Join us in 2021 to bring hope to those in need. Our people need us.


Our Passion 


Equality & Respect

In Manolos Aviation, we value equality & respect in, as-well as outside the workplace.  We also have an apprenticeship program where we have exceptional national female apprentice engineers studying, working and learning under Senior licensed engineers.


Medical Evacuation for Papua New Guinea

Manolos Aviation is a strong advocate of Medical Evacuations in Papua New Guinea. It goes without saying that the Medevacs save lives but most of all it offers HOPE. Hope that when in need, someone will actually come for you, is priceless. We continue to dedicate our time and efforts in bringing hope and saving lives. 


Anti Gender Based Violence

Gender-based violence is an ongoing epidemic in Papua New Guinea with numbers of female victims increasing at a high rate each year. In Manolos Aviation we are committed to teaching respect and bringing awareness in the workplace as well as to our clients when they choose to fly on our Anti-GBV helicopter, The Bell-222.

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